RITC Race Info

15-Mile & 11-Hour
Sunup to Sundown Ultra 

on the
Vin Gormley Trail


Burlingame State Campgrounds

159 Klondike Road

Charlestown, Rhode Island 02813


Date TBD


Runner Check-In: 5:00 AM

15-Mile Race Starts (Course Open): 7:00 AM

11-Hour Ultra Starts (7:05 AM) 

Cutoff to Begin Last Loop of Ultra: 5:05 PM

Deadline to Finish Last Loop of Ultra (Course Closure): 6:05 PM

15-Mile Race Structure:

The 15-Mile Trail Race is a traditional trail race giving runners a chance to compete against other athletes with plans of doing just 2 loops of the Vin Gormley Trail. The race will be chip timed. Runners will be ranked in the order in which they finish the 2 loops. 

11-Hour Ultra Race Time Considerations and Rules: 

The RITC 11-Hour division aims to provide athletes a chance to challenge themselves against "a long day in the woods". Whether a runner's goal is two loops(15 miles) or 8 loops ( 60 miles), the athlete is to compete as many full Vin Gormley Trail loops as possible before the sun sets at 6:00 PM, with 11-hours of open course. 

Runners will be ranked higher as they cover more and more loops, and time will then be used to determine the ranking of athletes who have run the same amount of loops. In other words, the farther you run and the faster you do it, the better, just like any other running race. However, awards are custom to the amount of loops the athlete has finished, giving RITC competitors the opportunity to best their previous efforts on this course. An example of what results might look like is below: 

1st Place: 60 Miles (8 Loops), 8 hours, 23 minutes and 12 seconds

2nd Place: 80 Miles (8 Loops), 9 hours, 47 minutes and 49 seconds

3rd Place: 52.5 Miles (7 Loops), 7 hours, 10 minutes and 13 seconds

4th Place: 52.5 Miles (7 Loops), 7 hours, 14 minutes and 59 seconds

5th Place: 52.5 Miles (7 Loops), 9 hours, 23 minutes and 18 seconds

...and so on and so forth. 

Only full 7.5 mile loops of the Vin Gormley Trail count towards your total distance. To be considered a "finisher" of the RITC, you must run two or more loops, or 15 miles, within the 11 hours that the course is open. This makes the race very welcoming to more novice trail runners, while giving more experienced trail/ultra athletes the opportunity to gather and compete in Southern New England.

Orange Rule: 

Per the request of the State of Rhode Island: Department of Environmental Management, all competitors and volunteers must wear at least 200 square inches of orange. Individuals not wearing orange will not be allowed to participate.  


All runners that cover 2 full loops (15 miles) or more will be given a Finisher's Medal. This medal will be uniquely adorned with a token of the distance that the athlete has run. 

Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 overall athletes in both the Men's Race and the Women's Race. 

Age Group Medallions will be awarded to the top two athletes in each of the following divisions: 

Open Division: 0-39

Masters Division: 40-59

Grand Masters Division: 60-79 

Senior Grand Masters Division: 80+

Using RITC for "Preferred Entry" to the Anchor Down Ultra

As many trail/ultra runners know, the Anchor Down Ultra in Bristol, Rhode Island has recently instituted qualification standards to try to manage interest as it becomes more and more of an "A-Race" for the regional/national ultra-running community. 

By running the RITC 11-Hour Ultra a runner has an easier (lower mileage) target in order to achieve "Preferred Entry" status to Anchor Down Ultra. By getting experience with other like-minded trail/ultra runners you gain valuable experience that will serve you well at Anchor Down Ultra.


Pacers are NOT allowed in the 15-Mile Race. 

For runners in the 11-Hour Ultra, a pacer may join a runner after 1:05 PM in the afternoon, once the course has been open for 6 hours. Each runner is only allowed ONE pacer at a time. Multiple pacers may be used, but only individually. One pacer must exit the course before a runner's new pacer joins the course. Pacers must also obey the "Orange Rule", as described above. 

Race Layout Map

Please use the map below to get your bearing for race morning. You'll arrive and meet the Race Greeter on your way to race parking. It's a short (3 minute) walk over to the race staging area. Here you can set-up a canopy, put out a few chairs for you and your crew (if applicable) and get ready for your race. Bathrooms will be easily accessible. 

The race will start and end on Four Boulders Road at the Center Rotary of the campground. Simply follow signs to race parking once you arrive on race morning,  and we'll get you to where you need to be for the start of the race. 

Contact Race Management

Please feel free to email us at info@trailclassic.com. Please give us a day or two to respond, because let's face it... we may be out running some awesome single track.